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    • Only registered players can make predictions (see section 19ย Ts & Cs.)
    • The prediction game will start when the time set by Gymalie expires.
    • Participantsโ€™ names and surnames might appear on the Leaderboard, Weekly Email, Gymalieย Social Media Pages, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
    • All games are played in South African Standard Time (SAST).
    • Predictions can be made for any future upcoming game.
    • Predictions can be made right up until the moment the game starts.
    • Multiple predictions can be made by any one player for any one game as multiple predictions per player per game are allowed prior to the game starting. Only the last prediction made, however, will be counted as a potentially winning entry.
    • Once a game has started, predictions are locked in and cannot be changed.
    • Soccer โ€“ Soccer is split up into quarters, so choose carefully when the teams will score. There will be 8 bars in total to fill in for a normal game and 12 for a playoff game. You will have to predict in each bar and if your bar turns GREEN you have made the correct prediction. In the case of your bar being RED, you know what that means. So have fun! If all your bars are GREEN at the end of the match, you win the prize (See Prize Award Rules). Added/Extra time will be worked in with the correct quarters.
    • Rugby โ€“ Rugby works simpler โ€“ make your prediction for both teams and submit.
    • In Rugby, to qualify for the Prize your prediction for both teams should be exactly the same as the live game final score of both the teams playing.
    • In Soccer, to qualify for theย  Prize your predictions in all quarters, extra time, penalty shootout should be exactly the same as the live soccer game quarterly, extra time, penalty shootout scores of both the teams playing. However,ย a 0:0 Draw is irrelevant and no prizes will be given.
    • In the event that you meet all requirements for the Prize, Gymalie will contact you with the details you provided. You will then have to reply within 7 Days to confirm otherwise the prize expires. Make sure you provide us with the correct details.
    • If multiple winners predict the same winning score, the prize value will be split equally between each winner.
    • ALL PRIZES ARE VOUCHERS. Voucherย number will be sent to your existing email address within 7 Days. Ifย you are a winner.
    • Only South African citizens resident within South Africa at the time that makes a prediction will stand a chance to win a prize associated with the Prediction Game.
    • The judgesโ€™ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.