About Us


Our website is designed as a hub for all sport related products and services. Gymalie comes with the widest variety of sporting products and services available online and is currently the only complete sport and fitness website in South Africa.

Gymalie Sport’s core function is to improve your sporting experience, through applying our experience and passion for all things sport. We are both a comprehensive supplier to and passionate educator of the fitness industry. We strive to deliver excellent service in order to bring you closer to your main ideals, which center on performing at your best in everyday life.

Through the products, information, news, and the sheer fun of the Prediction Game, this site is a hub, a portal, to enable you to reach to your furthermost in your training, your fitness and your well-being.


Gymalie is proud to introduce the first Prediction Game with a Real-TimeΒ leader board. Our leader board has a minute-by-minute update of your favourite sports teams’ live scores.

The game is free to enter – simply register on the site and you’re in! It’s loads of fun for everyone and comes with a prize for the winner(s).



History of the Company

Gymalie Sport began with putting the idea of a fun and wholly comprehensive online sports hub together, in 2018. The dream has become real through the arduous process of extrapolating all that is fitness and well-being in real-time into an online presence, building the site with all of the desired components, aiming at a one-stop-shop for sport enthusiasts of any predisposition.

Cooperate with Us!

Gymalie aims at providing only the best in intel, sports clothing & aids, as well as nutritional products. If you’d like to place your products with our online store, send us a mail via the contact page below and we’ll get straight back to you to look at possible synergies.

What we really do?

The primary aim at Gymalie is to assist you along your active lifestyle journey. To set standards, in recognition of the essence of human health. Standards of fitness and well-being. Standards of offered products and information. And standards of service and care for the participants, clients and even casual visitors to the site.

Our Vision

In creating Gymalie, we brought a passion for sport together with a heartfelt desire to enable every sporting individual’s pursuit of health and happiness in a dynamic, fun environment. We look ahead and see a global sporting family sharing, interacting and enabling each and every one on Gymalie.co.za

What can we do for you ?

We want to hear from you! The interactivity of Gymalie Sport cuts all ways and we love hearing from visitors who want to share their experience, make suggestions on services or products or simply have something they feel they’d like to say. The success of this sport portal is organic – it comes from each and every individual’s opinion, experience and suggestions. Don’t be shy! See our contact details below.

Want to get your products or services out there? Gymalie has the benefit of being big enough to impact yet still provide the caring of a boutique hub. For our customers, a comprehensive offering is paramount, and we provide personalised service to clients and suppliers in pursuit of that. We offer a variety of structures that enable mutual benefit for both parties and are always open to accommodating product and service providers of quality. Contact us to list your goods and services and we’ll tailor a simple arrangement that allows for maximum ease of use and maximum benefit to visitors of the site. So much more than simply a static shelf in the ether, our responsive, caring service and big store approach to e-commerce makes us the number one outlet for anyone who seeks affiliation and association with a professional, caring vendor. We’ll sort all of the details and provide an outlet for your offering second to none.

We like an inbox that’s buzzing 24/7 and make no bones about the fact that we seek to distinguish ourselves through the level of service and support we provide. While a business’ growth necessitates the automation of certain processes, nonetheless we are adamant that those dynamics never get in the way of a personal, honest and committed service to you. Mail, call or post onsite anytime and we’ll come back to you as soon as we receive your comms. This is our promise to you.

All of the products and services offered on the Gymalie site are often not just household names or otherwise well-known by the sports fraternity, but are also inspected by us to ensure we know each addition to our offering intimately. Only quality products and top-tier services are offered on the site. While always open to new science & intel, we are not given to products that β€˜only just’ meet criteria or services that are anything less than top-end offerings to you.

We have systems in place to enable a rapid turnaround on your order. We promise to:

  1. Get it right and give it our full attention.
  2. Get it to you as soon as humanly possible.
  3. Follow up with you to ensure that what you ordered arrived in good time, was as you expected, and that you’re happy.

While Gymalie is a busy site, we are nonetheless adamant that we don’t lose the personal touch in all of the hustle and bustle. The founder, Kevin van der Berg, remains contactable by phone or mail and this ethos permeates Gymalie Sport. You will never be insignificant nor unwelcome here! We are completely aware of the fact that you, the individual (and your personal experience) drives the commerce and camaraderie of this site. See contact details below for anything you’d like to share.